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We specialize in the breeding of miniature and standard sized Goldendoodles along with miniature and standard sized Aussiedoodles. Our location is in Johnstown, Ohio, which is near Columbus, Ohio. There  has been a lot of love, joy, and tears through the years – all making  us better breeders. We absolutely love our pups and love our newly  formed human families with each puppy adoption. Generating new  relationships is one of the most rewarding benefits of this job! If you  choose us as your breeder, we will work hard to meet all your  expectations and deliver you the perfect puppy! We strive in making the  world a better place one puppy at a time! 

About Us

Hello and welcome to THE PUPPY SCHACK. We are Rustun and Thomas


Rustun  has been raising Golden Retrievers off and on throughout his life. He  began by taking "Fuzzy" to the local county fair as a child and his love  for Golden Retrievers has stuck ever since. Thomas has been raising  Poodles, along with other dogs, for many years too and has acquired a  wall full of showmanship trophies through those years. We incorporated  our two loves, Golden Retrievers and Poodles, and got into the business  of Goldendoodles. Johnstown, Ohio, which is Northeast of Columbus, Ohio,  is where we call home.


Goldendoodles  have the cuteness, warm personality, even-temperament, and  happy-go-lucky qualities of a Golden Retriever and the intelligence,  obedience, and hypoallergenic qualities of a Poodle. 

You  might be wondering where Aussiedoodles fall into the mix? Well, we were  introduced to Australian Shepards through a friend a few years ago. We  began breeding Aussiedoodles and they have also earned a precious spot  in our hearts. Not only do Aussiedoodles bring over the same positive  characteristics as a poodle as with the Goldendoodles, but the  Australian Shepard side of them brings over owner commitment, strong  affection towards their human family, high intelligence, and strong  obedience. Aussiedoodles are also hypoallergenic.       

Our  dogs are family pets. They remain current on their shots and they  regularly see the veterinarian. The dogs are frequently exercised and  all of our dogs are people and dog friendly with good temperaments. We  own the parent dogs and they are homed with us making it possible for  you to meet mom and dad. The puppies also get a lot of "people time" and  are well accustomed to people by the time they go home. Essentially, we  strive for your new family pet to be as great as our family pet.

All  of our dogs are AKC and/or CKC registered. Our dogs are DNA health  tested and we guarantee the genetic health of our puppies. We strive to  provide solid bloodlines and healthy puppies. We know that a dog is one  of your most important life purchases and we aim to provide you with the  happiest and healthiest new best friend as possible.  

We  specialize in F1 and F1b miniature and standard sized Goldendoodles and  Aussiedoodles. For those of you new to the doodle world, a F1  Golden or Aussie doodle puppy has a Golden Retriever or Australian Shepard parent and a Poodle parent. A  F1b puppy has a Goldendoodle or Aussiedoodle parent and a Poodle parent. A F1 puppy will  generally have more of a Golden Retriever-like coat or Australian Shepard-like coat with more straight  to wavy hair and a F1B puppy will generally have more Poodle-like coat  with curly and thick coated hair. A F1B is also more hypoallergenic.  

Whether  it be by phone call, text message, email, or social media post, we are  always accessible and we will quickly get back to you. We also invite  you to stop by the property and meet the mom and dad of your new puppy.

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