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Puppy Deposit Contract

The Puppy Schack, LLC Johnstown, Ohio 43031 614-869-6456

A deposit in the amount of $300 is required to reserve and hold the available puppy of your choice until the puppy is ready to be picked up  or shipped. Order of puppy picks are determined by the order of deposits received. This $300 deposit will go toward the final purchase price of the puppy.

Deposits can be paid in several different ways: cash,  personal check, cashier check, money order, or QuickPay. For a 4% fee,  PayPal, Visa, Master Card, or Discover can be used. $300 + 4% is $312.  Remember, we DO NOT accept personal checks for final payment unless the personal check for final payment is sent prior to puppy pick up and the  check has cleared with sufficient funds.

Final payment for the  puppy is required at or before puppy pick up. Puppies that are being  shipped must have the final balance paid by the end of the puppy’s 7th week of age. For all puppies that are being picked up in person, there  is an additional Ohio sales tax of 7.25% based on the purchase price of  the puppy. Puppies being shipped out of state do not require Ohio sales  tax.

Once a deposit is received and the puppy has been made unavailable for purchase by others, the deposit is non-refundable. If you are paying your deposit by means that take time to receive, personal  check by mail for example, your puppy will be marked as unavailable pending your deposit. Ensure to make these arrangements ahead of time with us.

Shipping is not included in puppy price. Shipping anywhere in the United States is $375.00 on Delta, Northwest, or  Continental. This price includes airline ticket, crate, and health certificate to fly. We also have ground transportation shipping options available for shorter trips. We apologize, but we are unable to ship to Hawaii.

All of our doodle puppies are sold as PET ONLY. With your desire, they are spayed/neutered at 8 weeks old prior to leaving for their new homes. All puppies must be picked up within 7 days of their  spay/neuter date, or within 7 days of purchase if purchase is made after the spay/neuter date.  If spay/neuter was declined, all puppies must be picked up within 7 days of their 8 week birthday. There will be a $50/week (7 days) charge for puppies extending past the initial 7 day pick up time frame. For puppies being shipped, there is an additional $50 fee for puppies that remain 10 days past their spay/neuter date, or 10 days past a purchase date that was made after the spay/neuter date. This extra $50 fee is to purchase a new health certificate for travel as the certificates are  good for only 10 days.

When considering your puppy choice for your family, it is imperative you take the time necessary to choose what sex and color you want. Once a deposit is made and the puppy is marked  unavailable, there is no switching to another puppy or litter. Remember, deposits are non-refundable.

The Puppy Schack reserves the right to refuse the sale of our puppies if it is in the best interest of our puppies.

By  completing and submitting the form below, buyer acknowledges that he or she has read and reviewed  the terms of this agreement as set forth for a pet puppy. Both parties acknowledge there are no other warranties or representations made with respect to this puppy other than as set forth herein, and that the buyer has also oriented from the internet, or picking up puppy, has received a  copy of this contract. 


Puppy Deposit Contract

The Puppy Schack

Johnstown, OH 43031


Puppy Contract

Our breeder/buyer contract, please take the time to download and read this.

puppySchackContract (docx)


     We have spent the first part of your puppy’s life trying to provide him or her with the best possible care and nurturing. This ensures your newest family member as the healthiest and happiest companion possible. We have raised dogs for over 10 years and pride ourselves on raising happy, healthy, and loving family pets. We do not sell to pet shops, dog brokers, or to flea markets.

    We firmly believe that what you feed and how you care for your dog directly affects the health, personality, and life span of your pet. We are more than happy at any time, before or after your new fur kids go home, to help answer any questions you might have from feeding, to grooming, or to general health care. All of our puppies come with a 1-year guarantee against any life-threatening genetic defects.  We started your puppy on NuVet Plus supplement as soon as they began eating hard food. We feel the vitamins are extremely beneficial and a great investment in your puppy’s health. If you continue with your puppy’s once a day NuVet Plus K-9 Wafer and/or NuVet K-9 Powder regiment as recommended by NuVet, we will extend this 1-year guarantee to a 2-year guarantee.

   How does the one or two-year life-threatening genetic defect guarantee work? First, we do NOT guarantee against common illnesses such as Coccidia, Giardia, Worms, Kennel Cough, Hernias and NO guarantee is made as to disposition or conformation of the dog. It is impossible to accurately determine the exact adult size of any puppy; therefore, we also do NOT give a size guarantee. We DO offer one and two-year guarantees against any life-threatening genetic defects. In order to utilize the life-threatening genetic defect guarantee, the puppy must: 1) Be examined by a veterinarian to check for life threatening genetic defects within 3 days of the date of purchase. This is applicable for both the one and two-year guarantee. 2) Follow the daily NuVet Plus K-9 Wafer and/or NuVet K-9 Powder regiment with no lapses in daily use. This is applicable for the two-year guarantee only. This life-threatening genetic guarantee is valid only to the buyer named in this contract. That is all that’s required!

    If the puppy you purchased should have a life-threatening genetic defect, we will replace the puppy with another one of same value and sex. To redeem, the following must be provided: 1) Proof that the puppy visited the veterinarian within 3 days of purchase. 2) A letter from a licensed veterinarian describing the life-threatening genetic defect. 3) Receipts of all NuVet supplement purchases if supplied purchase code was not used for the two-year guarantee. 4) And the original puppy must be provided.

   Buyer acknowledges that if the buyer proceeds with medical treatment from his/her veterinarian, instead of immediately returning the puppy to the seller, then this guarantee is null and void. If the puppy is returned within the 3-day guarantee period as specified herein, seller shall determine at their sole discretion what medical treatment shall be performed at the seller's expense. If the puppy cannot be returned to good health within 72 hours of its return, then seller shall exchange the puppy for another puppy of the same gender and of equal value at once, if available. If seller has no other similar puppies of comparable value available, then buyer shall receive a puppy from the next litter. All puppies are sold as pets and are not sold for breeding purpose unless other arrangements have been made and a separate contract drawn up and signed by both parties.

 This puppy was purchased for PET ONLY). We the Seller shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer after purchase of his/her puppy (veterinarian fees, drugs, x-rays, feed, supplies, etc.) nor shall seller be responsible for any injury to any person or property after removal of said puppy from the seller’s premises. By signing below, buyer acknowledges that he or she has read and reviewed the terms of this agreement as set forth for a pet puppy. Both parties acknowledge there are no other warranties or representations made with respect to this puppy other than as set forth herein, and that buyer has also printed from internet, or if picking up puppy, has received a copy of this form. Method of final payment Cash, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Quick Pay, or Check Debit Card. For a 4% service fee, Pay Pal or Charge Card (Visa, M/C & Discover) can be used too.  

Puppy Contract

The Puppy Schack