After  seeing a video of my Maxwell playing with the breeders, I knew I had to  have her. She is the most sweet, smart, playful and beautiful dog I have  ever seen.  Maxwell instantly became part of the family and was happy  and comfortable the moment I brought her home. She was also very easy to  housebreak. The Puppy Schack was so kind to me and very informative  every step of the way, and have even continued contact months after I  brought Maxwell home. They raise amazing dogs and it is evident that  they care deeply for them.

Natali S.


Hi there from sunny Los Angeles!

Let  me start by saying my Husband and I can’t remember life before Theo!   There are not proper words to describe the PURE JOY he’s brought to our  lives and to everyone he meets!

Our favorite things about him...
*He  gets an A+ for adjusting to his new home and his crate.  Everyone asks  how often he’s slept in our bed and that number is ZERO!  He whimpered  all of 30 seconds the first two nights in his crate and that was it!  He  has never had any accidents in his crate and maybe 15 total in the  house...for only being a few months old, that’s a AWESOME.
*We love  that he is eager to learn!  He was playing fetch at 11 weeks and it’s  still one of his favorite things to matter what toy you throw.   Beyond fetch, he knows all the basic commands like come, sit, down,  shake, stay, and we’re working on roll over!  A simple mentioned he has  done extremely well with potty training.  Shortly after arriving, he  figured out which two doors led to the backyard so it made the process  so much easier.  He know to ring the bell (hanging on the door) if no  one has noticed he needs to go out.  Some dogs tend to ring the bell for  fun, not our smart boy!

*He is starting to show his protective  side.  He is a loyal and loving guy, but he will bark if he gets a  strange vibe.  He has recently enjoyed sitting by the front door to  "keep watch".  If he barks and we say "its okay/no bark", he stops  IMMEDIATELY.  He is so smart and we LOVE knowing that while he he is  extremely friendly, he has that internal desire to protect our family. 

*He  won over the staff at the Groomers and Vet after his FIRST VISITS!  And  has continued to be a gem for them.  Each time time I ask how the visit  went, (with normal hesitation- as he is a puppy) they have given him a  wonderful report card and gush about how sweet he is!  The vet and his  staff love to see Theo come in for his visits.  It is a relief to know  that he is calm in these environments and does not have anxiety about  having routine appointments with key players on "our team".  Other dogs  are fearful, and bark constantly...not THEO...just another reason why we  love him!

*The Puppy Schack fell into our laps (vis Facebook)  and we couldn't be HAPPIER!  We had been searching for a Goldendoodle  for the better part of one year.  We researched, and researched, and  RESEARCHED!  We knew what we wanted and The Puppy Schack had IT ALL.   They were easy to communicate with, quick to respond, and patient to  answer all of our questions.  It was clear they LOVE what they do, and  genuinely LOVE their puppies.  We loved getting video and picture  updates of our puppy throughout the process.  Nothing makes you more  excited to meet that newest four-legged family member!  Their prices are  EXCEPTIONAL (especially when you see how great your puppy is)  price gouging happening here.  We live in Los Angeles and the shipping  process was a breeze.  The Puppy Schack took care of all of the  arrangements.  We just had to show up to meet our sweet boy.  From start  to finish we highly recommend The Puppy Schack!  We've been spreading  the word out here in Los Angeles, CA...The Puppy Schack is the BEST!


We bought  our female Goldendoodle puppy, Disney, from The Puppy Schack on Sunday,  September 2nd, 2018 where we met with Thomas - one of the owners. Thomas  has a grooming business as well, which is also located in Johnstown. He  cares about his dogs and wants them to go to good families. This means a  lot to us as he wouldn't sell to just anyone.

Disney  is a very calm, loving dog. We loved that we could go meet her, see her  siblings, see her environment, and Disney's mom as well with the other  dogs they own. She was spayed and microchipped when we got her. The  Puppy Schack was amazing because they not only gave us some food that  she was currently on, but vitamins too. Also, we got a toy that all the  puppies played with to help Disney feel comfortable the first couple of  nights at her new house. She recently had her first vet appointment and  she was a happy, healthy puppy.

 I can’t begin  to say enough good things about The Puppy Schack. From the moment we  contacted them until months after bringing Griffey home they were  nothing short of awesome. Griffey is mine and my husbands first dog so  to say we had a lot of questions is an understatement, they answered all  of or questions and gave us all of the information we needed to feel  comfortable and confident that we were bringing home a puppy that was a  good fit for us. We brought Griffey our F1B Mini goldendoodle home on  12/26/2018 and we are so glad we did! He has been the best puppy, we  feel so lucky to have gotten such a sweet, smart, well tempered puppy.  He was very easily potty trained, crate trained and has picked up on  several commands in the short amount of time we have had Him. Not to  mention he loves everyone he meets & wants to be pet by anyone who  is willing. He brought so much laughter and joy into our lives that we  never knew we were missing ! The puppy Schack really care about their  puppies and the families who are taking them home. When we are ready to  get a second pup there is no doubt we will be going back to the puppy  Schack. 

 We  purchased a standard poodle puppy from the puppy schack this week, and I  can honestly say, I have never had such an amazing experience with a  puppy purchase! We have owned many puppies throughout our life and we  have never been so happy with a puppy! She is socialized, use to bring  groomed, she seems potty trained, leash trained and so very healthy! If I  ever need a puppy again I will contact the puppy schack first! Thank  you for our new family member! 

Kris & Marie Brown

Our experience with The Puppy Schack has been  great.  We've had dogs all our life and never ordered a new puppy  without seeing it first.  We had great recommendations though and we  couldn't be happier!  Petee is 7 months old now and a joy to have  around. He is a very happy pup and everything is fun and games to him!  His favorite things to do are to play with other puppies at the dog park  and to bring random things home he finds around the neighborhood. He  gets along very well with his 8 year old partner, Stella. He's very laid  back and smart as well.  Thanks for a great pup!

 Best Regards,
  Tom W

  I received a chocolate Goldendoodle puppy from The Puppy Schack in March of this year (2019) to assist me as a disabled veteran and to train as a service dog. The puppy was less than 4 months old when I got it, and within two weeks, the puppy was totally house broken and rang a bell to go outside. I started basic obedience training with the organization Working Dogs for Vets and yesterday my dog, Rosie, received her Service Dog in training vest. I am totally amazed at how smart this dog is and the affection she has for me her handler. 

At less than 1 year old, I have her trained to pick up and give me anything that I drop and she is totally house broken (rings a bell), doesn't need a crate, and sleeps in her bed beside my bed. She also is close to finishing the task of turning on a light switch. With all the tasks she preforms the most important thing is she is not aggressive around any other people or, dog, or any person. She will bark if she hears something outside at night, but she's a big teddy bear when it comes to other people or dogs. I am so blessed to have this dog and I can't thank you enough. She truly has made my disability much more manageable and I look forward to the new tasks she will be trained to provide for me. The emotional support she brings to be has been life-changing and I couldn't have gotten a better dog to help me through the difficult times. Thank You and thanks for supporting Veterans.

Tom D.

  We purchased a miniature Aussiedoodle puppy from The Puppy Schack and we couldn't have been happier! From the first moment we contacted them, they were great! Always quick to respond to our questions and were very patient and accommodating while we coordinated the best time for her to fly to us.

Our puppy was flying to us in California, which made me a bit nervous. But knowing that The Puppy Schack took such great care of their puppies and knowing their knowledge and experience in this area, put my nerves at ease and Wrigley arrived safe and sound and happy. 

She has been such a joy and has been the best addition to our family! From the moment she arrived, she has been so sweet and so trusting of all of us and I know that's due to the love and care she received at her first home with The Puppy Schack. She loves being around people and other dogss and she doesn't seem to be bothered by the cat that decides to visit our backyard every now and again. She was super easy to crate train and housebreaking went even better than I expected. She quickly learned to ring the bell to go outside. She is happy to run and play with our two boys or hang out and cuddle. We love her and can't imagine our family without her! We've had a very smooth transition bringing Wrigley into our family. The Puppy Schack ensured we knew that they are available if we ever had any questions or concerns. It has been a great experience!

Dynell Sheldonn Family

  The Puppy Schack pups are amazing.   This is Jax born 8.10.19    He has the easiest going personality and is very friendly.  He’s extremely smart, house trained months ago, doesn’t need to be in his crate when we leave. He is only 7 months old,  51 lbs.     We love him so much. Thank you!!!   💕❤️💕 

Sandi B.