We Offer Puppy Training!


Thomas  is a certified dog trainer and he offers a complete 7 day training for  your new puppy. Your new puppy will be taken to the boarding and  training facility where it will learn basic training commands. These  commands include: crate training, learning a day-to-day schedule, loose  leash walking/healing, sit, lay down, come when called, and sit and stay  at the door/curb until released. This is a 7 day package and your puppy  will be ready to come with the basics of training! If you are local, we  do a go home session with you where we will teach you what your puppy  has learned. If we are shipping your puppy, we send a complete email  with a step-by-step on what your puppy has learned along with a FaceTime video. TJ is always just a text/phone call away for any questions that  may arise. This package cost ONLY $695 additional to your puppy price.


​If  you have further questions about our puppy training package, don't  hesitate to ask! Each puppy that goes home with a training package will  include a training certificate, training treat bag, correct leash for  walking, and reward toy.